5 Ways to Increase Your Office’s Productivity

Increasing productivity is imperative to any workplace and you can now amplify proficiency carried out by implementing simple procedures.


Get Sufficient Tools For The Job


The last thing you want is to be slowed down by the lack of essentials. Sharing a stapler between an office or running out of printing paper can really start to slow a process down, eliminating these problems is simple though. All employers should ensure each individual has the relevant tools to carry out their job with communal paper to pens for each person. There are many places you can purchase these much-needed items with office supply giants such as Viking or Staples.


Organising Paper Work


This could be done in a number of different ways from old-fashioned filing to simple trays on your desk. Organising paperwork in an office isn’t a new concept and it isn’t rocket science either but too often workers take control of their own desk and in turn scatter their files across their desk, drawers and elsewhere. There are now many simple inventions that can prevent this and offer employees a chance to stay on top of their work. Desk trays, folders, post it notes and other additions could offer them a helping hand.


Laptops and Tablets


With the forever evolving Internet and every other aspect of technology that rapidly grows in the process, tablets, laptops and other devices become increasingly popular. There are many ways this can increase productivity in an office as it speeds up many processes and can even keep workers singing from the same hymn sheet. Keep all employers on the same system and they can even use it on the move too. Find business computers, laptops and tablets at great value available when you online shop or check out PC World for their vouchers and promotions.




Allow a specific space for the team to communicate and draw up ideas. A great way to utilise this time is to discuss and note down ways to move forward with your plans. A whiteboard enables you to do this in a group, it’s a great way to make use out of your meetings and discussions.


Dual Screen


Obviously it’s dependant on the type of business and the nature of the office but allowing dual screens helps those that work on computers stay organised. Workers can access multiple documents all at once and they have it all right in front of them, it allows employees to work efficiently without any hassle.


Online Documents


With the emergence of DropBox we have seen a number of online programmes replicate this concept. It was also done long before the introduction of DropBox too, it’s the idea of having our files in the cloud. Meaning we no longer need to worry about storing files to hardware, we can actually store files to the internet and share them with other people. This has now been done on a larger scale by Google Documents who enable users to work with others and allow permission to their co-workers. This can save a lot of money and help create an all round smoother process.