FirstGen Capital is a boutique Venture Capital firm based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2010, the firm seeks to invest in start up and early stage investment opportunities in Australia and New Zealand on behalf of a group of like-minded Business Angels and Digital Media Agencies.

Our Positive Investment Philosophy

At FirstGen Capital we believe that Venture Capital can, and should, have a positive impact on the way we live and connect with each other every day – we call this Positive Venture Capital. It’s a simple philosophy but it’s one which inspires each and every investment decision we make.

Our experience has shown that investing time and resources in sustainable financial, environmental and social business models is not just good for the planet or the community – its good for your business.

Companies which focus on Triple Bottom Line returns consistently outperform their peers – delivering sustainable investment returns whilst making a positive contribution to the natural and social environment.

That’s why we choose to invest in, and partner with, entreprenaurial teams with “first generation” technologies or business ideas which we believe have the potential to contribute to a socially connected and sustainable future.

The FirstGen Capital Difference

Our investment approach is founded on the principle of partnership. Our team of experienced Business Angels and Digital Media Experts focus on partnering with your management teams to identify and develop “value creation” opportunities across five core areas:

  • Team Building & Organisational Culture
  • Strategic Direction
  • Operational Excellence
  • Social Responsibility
  • Finance & Acquisition

Through the open exchange of knowledge, skills, experience and resources we aim to help you turn your “Big Ideas” into a commercial reality.

Ready To Take The Plunge?

At FirstGen Capital we live and breath all things entrepreneurial and we would love to get to know you, you team and your business idea. Discover more about Where We Invest and How We Investto see if your investment opportunity is good fit with us.