Where We Invest

We focus on investment opportunities requiring funding of between ten thousand and one million dollars in funding across the following industries.

Our Industry Focus…

From Cloud Computing to Social Media, we seek to invest in start ups who possess a shared vision for bringing people closer and changing the way we connect with each other through the Web.

Clean Technology

From Renewable Energy to Value-Added Recycling, we seek to invest in start ups who are committed to reducing carbon emissions and conserving our natural resources for future generations.

Life Sciences

From Biotechnology to Medical Devices, we seek to invest in start ups with a focus on developing innovative technologies which make a positive impact on health and wellness in the community.

FirstGen Capital is a boutique Venture Capital firm providing seed and early stage invest capital to start up businesses in Australia & New Zealand. As experienced Venture Capital Partners we seek to invest in business ideas which we believe have the potential to contribute to a socially connected and sustainable future. From Social Media to Clean Technology, we provide venture capital funding and venture technology solutions to help you turn your “Big Ideas” into a commercial reality.

Clean Technology Venture Capital Partners